Welcome to the South West Enduro Championship 2019 

This will be a 9 round series with the best 7 to count

The South West Championship has been put together from clubs in corwall and devon, none of these 2019 dates clash with either the British enduro Championship or the Core offroad championship, so any riders wishing to participate in the BEC or Core Championships can do so along side the southwest championships.

Brass Monkeys Run by Xmoor Enduro club is a British Championship round this year 17th March

Please support this event or ride it or help out the club in any way you can, running an event like this takes an enormous amount of time and energy to manage, Im sure xmoor club will appreciate the help and lets keep British enduro in the south west (think the last time it was here was around 2008)

Classes are

Championship            Sponsored By

Expert                            Sponsored By

Expert Over 35           Sponsored By

Over 40 Super Vet     Sponsored By

Over 40 Clubman      Sponsored By

E1                Sponsored By

E2                Sponsored By

E3                Sponsored By

We will work together quickly to keep you updated with results and entries for events